Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh How Blessed We Are

My Mother-in-Law taught Mac that we have to be quiet around the baby. He thinks this applies to the baby as well...he also thinks that his finger goes on his noes instead of over his mouth.
This is the fam the day after Lily was born. Mac could not quit staring at her.

I was so worried that he would not take the whole thing well, but he did great! He can melt a heart!

So this is definitely one of my favorite pictures of all time. Mac has continued to be this sweet to Lily her whole little life. Let's hope it lasts...


em g said...

they are so precious!!! i'm so happy for your sweet little family!! love and miss you!!
p.s. if you come close to jackson with these little ones...let me know!! i want to meet them!

DeDe said...

Well how PRECIOUS! I love your new BLOG! Just another way for me to keep up with our precious little ones! Love you, MOM

Jenny Ruth said...