Saturday, April 3, 2010


Mac is a funny little guy. When I was telling my mom some of the things he said the other day, she reminded me that I should be writing them down because I certainly will forget. So I am going to start recording them here.

Mac calls real race cars "the cars without eyes."

After seeing the Vitamin Water comercial with the pillow headed man talking about "his lady" Mac said to me, "Mommy, I'm going to have a wady (his way of saying lady) one day." Imagine my surprise. I said, "Excuse me?" He went on to explain and then said, "But will you and Daddy still live with us?" When I assured him that he truly wouldn't want us to live with them he said, "But will you come to our wedding?" I have no idea where he gets this stuff.

He told me the other day as we were driving that "Red lights don't exists." When I disagreed and showed him that factually, they do, he told me that no, in fact they didn't because God said so....We then had to talk about how its not ok to make up things about God...

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